If you believe you or your child have been the victim of fraud or hacking or there has been any kind of unauthorised activity, then the first thing you should do is Freeze your HyperJar card.


Freeze your card

This is simple to do (and to ‘undo’ so don’t worry about it being irreversible). 

Tap on the Profile tab at the bottom right of your Home screen and select ‘Freeze card’.  When your card is frozen the snowflake symbol ❄️ will become bold and the word ON will appear under ‘Freeze card’.  


This will prevent any transactions, spending or withdrawals from taking place.  Just tap ‘Freeze card’ again to unfreeze it.


Double check the suspicious transaction

Bear in mind that businesses sometimes trade under different names, so the name on your statement might not match the shop or service where you used your HyperJar card. It's worth Googling the name on your Activity list to see if it's connected to the place you shopped.


But it’s better to be safe than sorry, so please, Freeze your card first.


Get in touch

After freezing your card, contact customer support. You can do this by email, via Live Chat in the app or via WhatsApp on +44 7869 332 624. 


If there has been an unrecognised transaction or fraudulent activity then our team will talk you through the next steps, including:

  • contacting the retailer/merchant
  • reporting the incident on the Police Action Fraud website


Also - check out our FAQs on:

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