HyperJar Referral Programme - 2.0

Terms and Conditions


HyperJar has launched a Referral Programme (the Programme) which allows Referring Customers to provide a referral link to Referees inviting them to open a HyperJar Account.

Upon each Referee successfully opening a HyperJar Account and completing certain transactions to qualify as a Successful Referral, HyperJar will credit  the referring customer £10 in their Wallet. 

By sharing your Referral Link with a Referee, you acknowledge and agree that these terms and conditions apply to your participation in the Programme.


  1. HyperJar will credit the referrer with £10 in their Wallet 
  2. The Programme will run between 9th February 2022 and 2nd March 2022
  3. After the Referral Programme closes on 2nd March 2022 Referees will have until 15th March 2022 to complete the actions required to qualify as a Successful Referral and receive the reward.
  4. Credits will be applied once a day on the first Business Day following a Successful Referral.
  5. The Programme relates to the first Account opened by a Referee pursuant to a Successful Referral. Any additional Accounts opened by the Referee are excluded from the Programme.


Account means an adult HyperJar account

Programme means the “HyperJar Referral Programme” scheme which has been launched by HyperJar.

Referral Link means a Referring Customer’s unique referral code as communicated within the HyperJar App or via an email sent to the Referring Customer

Referee means an individual who receives a referral link from a Referring Customer inviting them to open an Account through the Programme.

Referring Customer, you or your means an existing HyperJar account holder who invites someone to open an Account through the Programme.

Successful Referral means, in respect of a Referee, that the Referee has successfully completed the following actions:

  • Gone through HyperJar’s onboarding processes and opened an Account as a direct result of using a Referring Customer’s unique referral code
  • Loaded their Account.
  • Used their HyperJar card to make a purchase.


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