Cashback Vouchers are the latest exciting launch from HyperJar to help you Spend Life Well.

When you buy a HyperJar Cashback Voucher, instant cashback is paid directly into your account. You can choose to pay it into your Wallet, or any of your other Jars. The money can be spent straight away, with no limitations.

The range of brands available includes the most popular in the UK, from Amazon and Aldi to M&S, Primark and Deliveroo.

You can buy Cashback Vouchers directly from the HyperJar app – just tap on the Cashback tab.

Here’s where you also store and see any Cashback Vouchers you’ve bought - just tap on ‘My Vouchers’ from the Cashback screen. When you’re ready to pay, use the codes on the Voucher for online or in-store transactions. Please note that some Vouchers are online or in-store only, and some are for both. You’ll see where they can be used when you buy them.

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