Stagecoach have implemented a policy that if a card has been declined due to insufficient funds, that card is blocked on their systems for 45 days. This means that any further transactions  attempted with Stagecoach, even if you now have enough money on your card, will still be declined for 45 days. 

You can contact Stagecoach directly and ask them to remove their block if the card’s been blocked. 

You can also use the Stagecoach app, which you can download from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Link their HyperJar card to the app, and pay for your daily, weekly, and monthly tickets in advance or on the day. All virtual tickets are stored on the app, where they use a QR code on the bus to travel. 

Another advantage of using the Stagecoach app is that your HyperJar card can always be used on the app, even if the card is blocked on busses.  

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