We’re sorry to hear that you’re looking to close your HyperJar account.

HyperJar Kids accounts
Please bear in mind that if you close an adult account, any associated child accounts will automatically be closed as well. It is not possible to transfer children's accounts to another adult.

Account closure checklist:
• are there any child accounts associated with your account and are you happy for them to be closed too?
• have you spent/transferred any cash still in your and or your child's accounts?
• have you spent any Vouchers that are still in your and or your child's accounts?
• have you corrected any negative balance on your and or your child's accounts?

Your data
We are legally required to retain certain information about closed accounts, please check out our privacy policy to learn more.  

Closing your Account
If you'd still like to close your account, go to the Profile tab, go to Profile & Security, and select Close Account.

Alternatively, you can start a Live Chat with our Customer Support team here to close your account. 

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